Glutathione Next Era

In seconds. On demand.

with HydraStat® nano-delivery

Glutathione Next Era

In seconds. On Demand.

with HydraStat® nano-delivery

A Revolutionary Blend of Nano Nutrients, Delivered in seconds

Engineered for peak performance,

Unlock the secret to rapid nutrient absorption for peak bodily performance with Doctors Nano's groundbreaking solutions. Our revolutionary products address the key challenge of absorbing bioavailable nutrients, including the vital Glutathione. Serving as a premier wholesale direct distributor for Swish30 and PrimaSkin, the Doctors Nano team is committed to providing unparalleled support to empower health and wellness professionals.

Our team of experienced doctors and experts is readily available to assist with inquiries, streamline the ordering process, and equip professionals with tailored marketing tools. Elevate your health and wellness practice with Doctors Nano's cutting-edge solutions for optimal nutrient absorption.

HydraStat™ Nanotechnology

Increasing the bioavailability and effectiveness of Glutathione

The nutrient particles in most supplements are too large to be absorbed by the cell, so they often get excreted from the body without being used effectively. Furthermore, many nutrients may not survive the digestive process.

The next era HydraStat™ Nanotechnology increases the bioavailability and effectiveness of Glutathione and nutrients by breaking down large particles and enveloping them in ultra-pure water clusters for absorption orally before the digestive process. These nano-sized ingredients range between 10-100 nanometers ~ small enough to be fully absorbed into the human cell.

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